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Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

Hi, I’m Jenny. The founder of JNY Personal Training. Exercise and sport have always been a big part of my life and after falling in love with weight training a few years back, I decided to turn my passion of fitness into a business.

Hi, I’m Jenny

Introducing JNY PT x STUDIO 34

The Personal Trainer You Need to Change Your Life

JNY Personal Training specialises in women’s physical and mental conditioning through weightlifting in order to show women what their bodies and minds are truly capable of.

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“Jenny is an incredible PT! Workouts are tough but doable and her encouragement makes every new movement or weight increase seem not only possible, but exciting! Her positivity is contagious and I’ve fallen in love with exercise again - could not recommend highly enough!”

Physical strength has brought me emotional strength. I feel younger, more energy, positivity & confidence, I stand steady, respect. WOW! I'm alive! Fantastic! I like myself more, I'm stopping anti-depressants - & I want to study at Uni. Life is great & I am strong! Thank you so much, Jen!"

Me "Post-Jen" - carry shopping with confidence, bound up stairs, stand taller straighter, shoulders back, & stomach even goes in! I dream again, think of travels, adventure. I'm smiling, laughing, because my 50s are great!




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