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anti-diet culture accelerator

12 weeks - 3 x £250

Have you been searching for a way to silence your diet culture demons?


The Anti-Diet Culture Accelerator is a 12-week programme created to help you feel mentally empowered, physically strong and at peace with your body. Through personalised work out plans, dedicated, proven mindset techniques and consistent accountability check-ins, together we will silence your diet culture demons, for good.


THE programme for women who want to go from low self-worth, regular negative self-talk and lacking in confidence to becoming the strong and empowered woman you know you’re meant to be, with undeniable love and respect for your body.


Do you feel…


- Trapped within your diet culture dungeon and unsure on how to break free?

- Exhausted by constantly hating your body and lacking in confidence?

- Tired of feeling the need to always be “thin” in order to feel worthy?

- Like you want to be able to train effectively, but don’t know how to?

- Like your diet culture demon constantly whispers negative self-talk in your ear?


During our 12 weeks together, we will dive into my tried and tested diet culture dungeon breakout methods that will help you:


>> Develop a positive mindset by setting simple daily routines to create an unconditional love and respect for YOUR body

>> Learn how to train efficiently by using an effective and progressive

personalised workout plan that will strengthen every part of your body

>> Ensure you use correct and safe form on all exercises through the video demonstration library and personal form checks

>> To stay accountable as you work towards your goals through regular check-ins




Are you ready to break free of your diet culture dungeon, which is full of negative self-talk, lack of confidence and low self-worth? 


Are you ready to receive the support and motivation to commit to a unique personal training programme, combining both mindset and training?


Are you ready to blossom into that strong, empowered woman who exudes confidence and self-worth that you know you want to be?


Yes, yes and YES?!


Then I’ve got just the thing you need...


empower-twelve weeks to feel strong confident and empowered

12 weeks - 3 x £175

Do you want to be able to train effectively, but don’t know how to?

Do you want to feel strong and confident in your body?

Do you want to fall in love with not only fitness, but your body and it’s capabilities?


Empower is a 12 week personalised weight lifting plan including regular accountability check ins, personalised form checks and continual support. I will help you go from lacking in confidence when it comes to lifting weights, unsure on what the best exercises to perform are and focused on aesthetic based fitness, to feeling confident in your form on each exercise, being proud of your body and its capabilities and becoming the strong and empowered woman you’ve always wanted to be!

What's included...

- A detailed initial consultation where we get to find out more about each-other

- A 30 minute set up call to go through your new training plan and make any amendments if need be

- A bespoke profile on the app Trainerize

- A personalised weight training plan tailored to your lifestyle and abilities

- Video demonstrations of every exercise so you feel confident when it comes to performing each one

- Regular check-ins via the Trainerize app to see how your day/week has gone, make any adjustments to your training programme and keep you motivated and accountable

- As many form checks as you need so you can feel confident that you're exercising using correct and safe form

- Continual support via the in-app messenger to help you stay motivated

- A 30 minute end of programme call where we will chat about your progress, set your goals for the future and see how I can support you further. You will also have the opportunity to undertake another online coaching programme with absolutely no pressure whatsoever. You can always become an official member of the Diet Culture Dropout Club instead!


diet culture dropout

£19.99 per month

Are you tired of hating your body?


Do you know what you SHOULD be doing but lack the accountability you need to do it consistently?


Are you ready to work on your mindset so you can positively work on your body?


Yes, yes & yes?!


The Diet Culture Dropout Club was created for wonderful women just like you!

For just £19.99 a month (that’s less than £5 a week!) you will get:


- Constant, powerful support and motivation from me and your fellow dropout darlings

- Regular, exclusive mindset and weight training tips

- Monthly sessions from incredible guest experts

- Monthly Q&As with me – a fully qualified PT

- Access to a community of like-minded, supportive women who are ready to break free of their own diet culture dungeons alongside you!


If you are looking for a safe space complete with ZERO judgement, gentle persuasion, powerful accountability and expert fitness advice – you have come to the right place.



1:1 Personal Training Sessions


thrivin' not just

Starting from as little as £120 per month!

Do you feel like:

You want to be able to train effectively in order to feel fit, healthy and strong, but you are unsure on how to do it?

You’re lacking in energy and want to wake up every morning feeling motivated and ready for the day?

Your relationship with your body is suffering and you would like to take the next step towards having unconditional love for your body and its capabilities? 


Are you ready for:

Your health, fitness and overall strength to THRIVE?

Your energy levels and confidence to THRIVE?

Your self-worth and relationship with your body to THRIVE?


Yes, yes and YES?!


Then it's time to not just survive, but to THRIVE with the JNY PT x STUDIO 34 - Thrivin’ Not Just Survivin’ 12 week in person 1:1 personal training programme!

Over the next 12 weeks JNY PT will:


>> Introduce you to the world of weightlifting or expand your existing knowledge of it


>> Help you learn correct and safe form on all exercises in a safe environment 

>> Support and motivate you to lift heavier than you ever thought you could

>> Help improve your current relationship with your body and increase your self-worth

>> Help you to build muscle in order to not only feel healthier, have more energy and help you to perform everyday life activities easier, but to ultimately feel like the best version of YOU!


The Thrivin’ Not Just Survivin’ 12 week programme has an option of weekly or twice-weekly 1:1 personal training sessions based at the exclusive JNY PT x STUDIO 34, where JNY PT will ensure that the journey to unconditionally loving your body and its abilities is a much less rocky one than it has been until now. 


A one off 1:1 PT session in the exclusive JNY PT x STUDIO 34 is £35 per hour, but within the Thrivin’ Not Just Survivin’ 12 week programme each PT session is only £30!


That means if you choose the weekly option, over the course of the 12 weeks you’ll save a massive £60!




If you go for the twice-weekly option, not only are you saving £60, you also get a whole session completely FREE! That’s a saving of £90!


Since I don’t want money to be the thing stopping you from THRIVING, both weekly and twice-weekly options of the Thrivin’ Not Just Survivn’ 12 week programme will be broken down into 3 interest-free monthly payments.

Thrivin’ Not Just Survivin’ - Weekly 1:1 PT =

12 weeks - 3 monthly payments of £120


Thrivin’ Not Just Survivin’ - Twice-Weekly 1:1 PT =

12 weeks - 3 monthly payments of £230

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