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Diet Culture - How you’re brought up

I’m calling this one The Yorkie Bar Story

Let me ask you this, were you surrounded by a parent or someone close to you who was constantly dieting and restricting their food? Then this can negatively affect your own relationship with food.

I was discussing this with a friend, and she agreed and even shared her story of continuously witnessing her parent restricting food and even subconsciously putting those unhealthy food behaviours onto herself.

This made me think of a memory when my Dad used to pick me up from school, he would always have a chocolate bar in the glove box waiting for me. We would play a game, where I would pretend I didn’t know he’d got me one and then he would always say “If you check the glove box...” and I would always be surprised.

Anyway, more often than not he would have bought me a Yorkie Bar and we all remember the famous tag line “It’s Not For Girls” printed on the wrapper - Thank god that’s not a thing anymore!

When I was reminiscing about this memory to my friend it made me so thankful to my Dad for not only making chocolate a normal part of life and not labelling it as “bad” or as a “treat”, but also for buying his daughter a chocolate bar that was specifically labelled as “not for girls” - If this isn’t breaking down those diet culture and gender social constructs from a young age, then I don’t know what is!

Thank you Dad!

Do you have any memories around relationships with food similar to this? If so, click the button below, because i would love to hear them!

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